How to Optimise the Performance of Your Baler

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How to Optimise the Performance of Your Baler

Even when you know your baler is not performing as well as it should, it may not always be feasible to invest in new equipment. Here we have some tips and a checklist on how to optimise your existing equipment.


Make sure the programme is set to bale correct material

Older equipment is often set up to bale plastic film or cardboard, programme changes can significantly improve performance on cans and bottles.

✅ Check How the baler is being fed

Look at how your baler is getting fed and if this can be changed to make any improvements to performance. Eg. conveyors to increase throughput.

✅Tying mechanisms

Check tying mechanisms and if they are operating as they should. It is usually beneficial for an expert to check and calibrate tying systems for channel press of twin ram balers.

✅put critical machines on a regular service plan

This ensures parts are changed on time to prevent down time in the future.

✅keep a set of critical spare parts on site

This will ensure that parts are available when required and will reduce downtime.

✅correct wire or strap

Wire thickness can effect bale weights. Wire quality can have a significant effect on machine uptime. You need to check you are using the correct wire or strap.

✅get a specialist engineer to check electrics and pressures

Get a specialist engineer to check electric structures and operating pressures. This will ensure machines are performing as they should.


We have a nationwide network of specialist engineers who cover all aspects of waste baler and compactor repair and maintenance. If you have any questions or would like some help or advice on maintaining your baling equipment, please get in contact with us below

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