Review of Waste Process Leads to Huge Reductions in Time & Labour Costs for Busy Irish Retailer

Review of Waste Process Leads to Huge Reductions in Time & Labour Costs for Busy Irish Retailer

Supermarkets are processing huge amounts of waste at the moment. With our help, an Irish retailer has managed to cut down their waste processing time and labour by a massive 50%.

The customer approached us with a view to improving their waste handling process. They knew that separating and baling waste on-site had become extremely time consuming and labour intensive. The waste material was coming back in shop cages via transport lorries. This material then required separation before being put into the two mill-sized balers that were on-site for baling cardboard. They needed to find a solution to reduce the process and the man-hours spent handling the waste.

Darren O’Hanlon, CK International’s Sales Manager for Ireland explains, “We knew straight away that we could help the guys save space, eliminate the need for forklifts and greatly reduce the work of the operators. They had limited space inside the building so by installing a static compactor with a dock canopy outside immediately saved space and it also does away with storing bales. The open-hand feed hopper eliminates the need for sorting and separating waste, so the operators can simply throw the materials into the machine to be compacted into a portable roll-on bin. As it’s a compactor, they also don’t have to tie off any bales. Although the equipment is installed outside to save space, all operations are completed from inside the building. There is no more need for forklifts to move material. Additionally there is an extra saving of bale tape for two balers.”


1-1The customer was delighted with the considerable savings they are making. Their process of handling waste is so much more efficient. They were aware if they opted for a compactor, it would mean a loss of monies from the baled commodities but once they calculated the savings they would make and the fact that the equipment was installed outside, it far outweighed any negatives.

CK International compactors are an ideal solution for businesses with large volumes of dry, low value mixed waste. They greatly reduce the volume of waste leading to fewer waste collections and lower costs.

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