Review, Renew, Refresh.

Semi-Automatic Baler Range

Review, Renew, Refresh.

Like many, we have had time to reflect over the past year. We have learned lessons about how our customer’s priorities have changed and we have seen opportunities for innovation and growth.

With this in mind, we have reviewed our entire semi-automatic baler range and now offer five models, boasting many unique features. This new range guarantees the best possible bale density with greater efficiency. Whichever model is selected, customers can expect less manual handling, easy installation and will get the right fit to suit their requirements.

Five Key Models

Whether you are a company with limited space or you wish to process bulky material, we now have a machine to suit everyone.

  • CK400HFEPC - The baby of the range. This is ideal for companies with limited space.
  • CK450HFE - This model is ideal when upgrading from a vertical baler. It is the only baler in the range that offers vertical tying and is the perfect height for hand-feeding.
  • CK450HFEPC - This model is an excellent solution for logistic centres, retail and manufacturers. With its portcullis door, it offers fast and easy operation.
  • CK600HFEPC - We recommend this machine for baling PET bottles & aluminium cans.
  • CK850HFEPC - The largest of our machines in the semi-automatic range, it boasts the highest throughput and provides the largest bale size. It is ideal for bulky materials.

As a company, we are proud of our continuous innovation. Our customer's objectives and the quality of our equipment is always at the core of what we do. So far, the feedback from customers has been extremely positive and we are very excited for the year ahead.

CK850HFEPC - Semi-automatic baler

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